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Waitutu Lodge

The Lodge, owned and managed by the Waitutu Incorporation, provides backpacker style accommodation for up to 21 guests.

The Lodge caters for trampers and our Jetboat clients and has six bedrooms, large common room, drying room, hot showers, flush toilets, Gas cooking facilities, cooking and eating utensils, crockery etc.

Set in the pristine Waitutu Forest ten minutes walk from the South Coast, two days walk from the nearest road end at Blue Cliffs Beach this is an ideal place to spend a peaceful day to two.

The Waitutu Incorporation comprises 5 365.68125 acres of Maori Land, originally issued under the Landless Natives Act 1906, which gives owners and descendants uninhibited use. This land was given as compensation for land taken by the Government where the Maori people lived, to sell to European settlers. The land Maori never sold was coastal, some being Colac, Riverton, Oui and Omaui, Otakau, and some of Banks Peninsular. Each adult male was given 50 acres and each Section was for a family. The owners of 23 Sections formed the Incorporation in 1972 and the approx. 850 present owners are mostly Great Grandparents with families, giving a total of about 10,000 potential owners. The land is covered in virgin native forest and in 1996 the Government gave cutting rights over Beech production forest in exchange for never cutting the Waitutu forest.

The lodge was largely built by Tiny Metzeger and crew, out of new & recycled materials.

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