Trip & Trap


Be part of Wairaurahiri Jets very successful stoat rat trapping project. Eco tourism at it's best exciting jet boat ride Great Lunch and being involved in helping our native birds.

The 2 Year Trap sponsorship includes:

  • FREE All Day Adventure with Wairaurahiri Jet for one.
  • Plus join our "Good Guys List"

Hump Track Track Trap sponsorship


If you would like to sponsor a trap along the Hump Ridge Track, the price for a two year trap sponsorship is $100 per trap.

For your  2 year sponsorship of a trap along the Hump Ridge Track

  • We will record the trap catches. 
  • Your name will be on the Good Guys List.
  • Your name or names will be on the trap.
  • Where possible we will email a photo of your trap.
  • We will maintain and rebait your trap so its in good working order, ready to snap a nasty:-)

If your keen please don't hesitate to contact us.



Individual Traps Sponsorship

The cost to sponsor a stoat trap is $299 and as a bonus you will receive a voucher for an All-Day Adventure trip! (value $279).

Price per trap $299.00

A great idea for winter get-aways, team building or the office shout.


10 Trap Sponsorship

A great idea for winter get-aways, team building or the office shout.

Price: $2990.00


  • Accommodation at the Waitutu Lodge for 10 guests
  • Wairaurahiri Jet transport from Lake Hauroko to the Coast and back again, for 10 guests
  • Grade three thrills and aventure on the wild Wairaurahiri River.
  • Your name on the good guys list.

Wairaurahiri Jet will take 10 of you on an overnight trip to the Waitutu Lodge where the Waitutu Incorporation will let you stay for the night with out charge as part of their support for the trapping project.

This is a awesome way to help the environment and make some real savings.  Plus join our "Good Guys List" on our web site.

Common Questions


The stoat is a member of the mustelid family, along with weasels and ferrets. It was introduced to New Zealand late last century to control rabbits and hares.

Stoats and weasels are similar in colour and general appearance, but stoats are larger, have longer tails and a straight line where the brown fur on their backs meets the white belly fur. Ferrets are much larger and more stocky than stoats, generally lighter coloured, and have a dark 'mask' on their face.

The introduction of stoats is commonly regarded as one of the worst mistakes ever made by European colonists in New Zealand. Stoats are now by far the most common of the mustelids and are widespread in forest and on farmland. Our birds have spent along time learning and transforming into flightless birds that nest on the ground or in defenceless tree nests.

These introduced pets are a efficient killing machine leaving our birds with no chance. Trapping is a way to help the plight of our bird life.

We at Wairaurahiri Jet are very passionate about the area and the creatures that live within it and are encourage by the bird song returning.